Paper Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentation is 15 minutes in length and 10 minutes for Q & A.
  • With the limited presentation time, presenters are advised to talk about their work and describe it, highlighting parts such as framework, methods, findings, and conclusion of the study. Reading of the paper in full shall not be allowed.
  • The presentation shall be in MS PowerPoint (ppt/pptx) or PDF formats.
  • The first slide should display the title of the presentation and name of the presenter. Template of the ppt shall be available for download at the conference website, more information will be available soon.
  • Presentation time restrictions will be strictly observed.
  • Presenters are requested to send the presentation in advance to avoid last minute-technical issues

Virtual Presentation Guidelines

  • The participants registered for virtual presentation shall follow the same procedure and guidelines along submission and registration, see this page.
  • Virtual presenters must prepare and send a pre-recorded video to the conference committee on or before February 20, 2023. Once the video is received by SEAMREEC, acknowledgment will be sent to the presenters.
  • The technical team of SEAMREEC shall play the video presentation and the presenters must be available during the presentation and Q & A for the selection of the best oral presenter award.